Merge or Delete double MIDI notes

I’ve read several posts about how double MIDI notes gets created, but I haven’t found any efficient way of getting rid of existing double notes (notes on top of each other).

I have some fairly involved MIDI events that turns out to have double notes in many places, causing some sudden “jumps” in volume etc.

Q: Is there any tool or macro that can Remove these duplicates (or Merge them, which is what I do now manually selecting each note, end if it extends I press CTRL-Z… which takes forever)

I have noticed that there’s this MIDI → Function → Delete Doubles, but this function doesn’t remove the dupes (I might be doing something wrong though?).



The Delete Doubles function won’t work if the midi notes are on different channels.
In that case, you could delete them by using the midi list editor and filter by channel.

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Note events are only considered a double when both notes start on exactly the same tick. If that is the case Delete Doubles works on my machine.

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I notice the notes comes from channel 1 & 2 (an earlier setup with two different MIDI channels).

Q1: Is there a way to force them all to the same channel? (and after that the Delete Doubles function would work on all notes).

For now I used the MIDI List Editor and removed them manually. Phew!

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Sure, but there is no way to untangle them to different channels after deleting the doubles.

Wow, that macro will come handy in the next time I mess things up.

In my case all I want is getting rid of the dupes. The channel mess is from a former MIDI channels setup, but now I have all MIDI notes directly on the instrument tracks, so no neeed for the different channels.

Again, thanks for the macro!

// RIL

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Why not Dissolve the part into separate MIDI tracks and delete one of the resultant tracks?
(Page 931 of the manual)

"Dissolving Parts into Separate Channels
You can dissolve MIDI parts that contain events on different MIDI channels, and distribute the
events into new parts on new tracks, one for each MIDI channel found.

  1. Select the parts that contain MIDI events on different channels.
  2. Select MIDI > Dissolve Part.
  3. Activate Separate Channels.
  4. Click Process.
    For each MIDI channel used in the selected parts, a new MIDI track is created and set to
    the corresponding MIDI channel. Each event is copied into the part on the track with the
    corresponding MIDI channel, and the original parts are muted."
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Thank you for this hint! I didn’t know about this one. In some other case this hint may well become useful!


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