Merge tied 8th notes to quarter note

Hopefully this has be asked. I looked on the forum and didn’t find it.

When I create quarter note that happens on an off beat Dorico treats it like two tied eighth notes. I would like it display as a quarter note. I’m note finding a fixed documented. Any ideas on what to do.


So many options.

  1. Check your Notation Options > Note Grouping.
  2. Use Force Duration.
  3. If it’s part of a syncopated passage, ignore it and keep on going - Dorico will retrospectively correct it.

Thank you.

What I have in my second voice of my score is a quarter rest, eighth rest, quarter note. What prints is quarter rest, eighth rest two tied eighth notes. Voice one is straight quarter notes. I need the tied eighth notes to a quarter.

Option #1 didn’t work. If I understand the setting correctly, all but one of the setting indicates force grouping. The last setting didn’t, so I changed it. These are the settings I get when I select the “Factor Settings” button.

Option #2 did work. What would be nice if you I could select the notes to be group, and select the group icon or press O. I seems to work proactively, so I can’t go back on the score and corrections after the fact.

Force Duration can be applied retrospectively. Select the tied eighths, then hit O, then hit 6 to force it to display as a quarter.