[Merged] Reverb trouble?

I’m not sure if it’s reverb related, but I’m having major issues getting my orchestral mock-up mixed. I never had this before, so I have no clue what is going wrong.
The problem is that, no matter what reverb I use (brand, hall size, reverb time et cetera), the soft passages sound as if the orchestra is somewhere in another hall, barely audible and the loud passages are sounding ‘in your face’.
Woodwinds, brass and strings are all VSL orchestral libraries, so recorded the same way.
I’m at a point now where I don’t know how to continue, except maybe create a whole new project and start again, but I’m pretty sure the problem will show up again then.

Cubase 10.5.12 on Windows 10, 64 bit system with 64 gb of ram

Possibly dumb question but… is the orchestra audio going into a compressor? If it is, then loud sections might be compressed down (pulling the reverb level down), but quiet sessions might be make-up gained up (raising reverb level)?

Thanks for your reply. No, I’ve not set anything like that, because it happened as soon as I added reverb. I’ve never encountered this before, when just adding a simple reverb, so it’s very frustrating.

Any info at all, on how you set up anything? Routing? Reverb as sends or inserts? Pre or post? Pre sends for example can create a scenario similar to what you describe

I didn’t do anything fancy (yet), I’m writing a cue and just added some overall reverb to get a more pleasant sound while composing. This is not uncommon for me to do it this way for first sketching and never had issues before. But as soon as I added reverb, things started to sound weird. I’ve tried eareverb with placement in the hall, fabfilter-R, Lexicon, Revelation from Cubase and so on, but all sound weird. As soon as I deactivate the reverb, everything sounds as you would expect with those dry libraries: awful and close.

And how are you using the reverb? As send or insert? Where ar you using it? On a summing bus or from single channels?

Without a good understanding of how you have setup your routing on the Project, no one on this forum is going to be able to answer your question beyond, “Maybe it’s XYZ.” We can’t magically see what is happening in your DAW.

Some screen shots could be helpful. :wink:

Thanks for the input.
I’m afraid the whole installation is corrupt as I get all kinds of error messages when starting Cubase this morning, with missing plug-ins and libraries not found. I don’t know if the problem of yesterday is related to this, but for now I guess it’s a fresh install coming up.


How do you use the Reverb? Could you describe the routing, please?