Merging 2 WL montages into 1 / minimized track size

Hi Philippe,
I simply need to concatenate / merge two wavelab montages into one = importing whole tracks of the project 1 into project 2.
Not using super clip function, but simply merging tracks into one project.
Possible ?
By the way, is it also possible to reduce the size of the tracks to very small and thin ones (in order to see more than 32 tracks onto my 42’ screen) ?

  • knowing I can only work on wavelab 11.0.30 build 114 (beta) for the moment since I’m temporarely stuck on a backup system (it’s my previous system that was still based on windows 7 x64 at that time). By the way, is this WL build the last one compatible with win 7 ? This one is quite buggy…if at least I could work on a more stable W11 on this system, this would be better.

Simply use Copy and Paste of the clips.

No, sorry.

Sorry, there will be no new build.

  • Yes, but with copy/paste, wavelab refuses to paste if copying more than 3 tracks (probably too many clips). Not very practical to ensure that all clips are well aligned together when they have not the same starting point.

  • The size of the tracks have always been problematic, I think it could be a good point for WL13 to allow smaller sizing.

  • Of course, there will be no new build for Win 7, but my question was : what is the last beta version (unoficially) working with Win 7. If I remember well 11.0.40 installer didn’t allowed WL to be installed into W7. But I wondered if the final W11 version allowed it technically (even if unsupported officially), or if at least any W11 beta one more advanced than 11.0.30 allowed the installation.

I would copy all clips of track #1, then all clips of track #2, etc.

Sorry, I don’t remember at all.