Merging Hapi and Cubase 12

Hey Guys,

i had the Cubase 7.5 with an old Hackintosh + Merging Hapi.
Everything always worked perfectly.

Recently, I moved to the New Macbook 16 M1 Pro + Cubase 12 Pro,
and I cannot be unhappier…!

Outputs work and I have sound from them.
But Output 3-4 of Hapi (e.g.) goes to Inputs 1-2 of Hapi (as it always did before my upgrades),
and the Hapi “sees” it in the Hapi Web App (so the input is coming yet), but I have no Input Sounds in Cubase 12.

I thought it might be Hapi… Then I opened a project on Logic Pro X, and everthing worked perfectly. Outputs and Inputs. Everything.

I don’t know… maybe someone can help me with this. I know Cubase quiet well, as I work with it for over 15 years. And I tried everything I know… No chance. There is no sound from inputs!

And yes, everything is updated. OSX, Ravenna/AES67 Driver, Cubase 12…

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you please link to the Hapi? I don’t know it, sorry…

Merging Hapi. I am new to this form and as I see I cannot share a link.

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Just a guess… but since only the inputs are affected… does Cubase have access to the microphone?
If not, the inputs will not work.

BTW, I’m on Windows :wink:

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man, it fixed it. I checked everything except this! = i’m getting old.
THANKS A LOT! you saved me.


Make sure Cubase has enabled Mic in the System Preferences, please.
Open macOS System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Microphone. Enable Cubase here.

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