Merging two or more players

Hello! I have a quartet of players for a project flow. One of the players is a percussionist who will play 4 different instruments : 3 unpitched and 1 marimba (pitched). I believe i can merge the unpitched instruments into a single kit, but not sure how to merge the marimba aspect of this player as well. I noticed this when I wanted to print each players part separately. How can I merge these four percussionist instrument players into one in the simplest way?
I’d be grateful for your help!
Cheers, Ash

Select the player’s layout (setup mode, right panel) and tick the different players (left panel) you want to show.
Or the more “correct” way: drag the instruments from the different players into the real player (this is all in the left panel) and deal with the instruments change (they’re automatically handled by Dorico)

Thanks alot Marc! This does the trick. Cheers,A