Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear forum-members,

on behalf of Steinberg and Philippe I’d like to take the chance to thank you for your participation, engagement and all the ideas you’ve shared with the community over the year. We very much appreciate your feedback on WaveLab and other Steinberg products. 2014 will see the release of WaveLab 8.5, incorporating many feature wishes and ideas from forum-members.

I wish you and your families a pleasant Christmas Time and a happy and healthy New Year 2014.


Happy Holidays to PG and the team.

I haven’t been on the forum much lately because for me, WL 8.0.3 on OSX is very stable, minimal bugs and has nearly all the features I could ask for at this time. It’s been a long road since the start with WL 7 for Mac but I think you are finally there with a great product.

I had one or two ideas for the future of WL but I can’t remember now, I’m sure it will come to me soon enough.

Thanks again for this great software,


I totally agree. WL 8 is a great software, indeed very stable on OSX . When I switched from Windows XP (using Cool Edit Pro a lot) to Mac end of 2004 (due to UNIX attraction!) there was not a lot of choices for editing and mastering audio software, so I installed Peak 4 from Bias, today with the demise of Bias I looked at a new software and came across WL 8 ! At first glance I was rather put off by the interface but I soon realised how powerful this software was (with the help of M. L. T. Hepworth excellent book), Peak 7 was prehistory!
Thanks again to Philippe Goultier for this great software

great forum and great product. Happy Holidays to you all.

great forum and great product. Happy Holidays to you all.

Thanks for your participation, it’s one of the advantages of WL.


Thanks, and the same to you!

Best Regards