Merry Christmas!

Just popped in to wish ya all a great holiday season. Its been a while, may be a few of ya remember my ol bones! :laughing:

Hi Vaughn, long time no see!
How’s everything?

Best wishes to you too.

And to all other cubasers as well, of course! :smiley:

And it’s a Merry Christmas from us in Oz,

Mauri :slight_smile: .

What he said :slight_smile:

After 74 years of Christmas for me it is still a wonder. Amazing how people are so nice to each other.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to each and everyone of you. May your music creating flourish to new heights.

Wim! :slight_smile: Alls good for me and family. Busy with kids these days, though, trying to make time for music here and there.

Just noticed my original post has a link on the “holidays”, to quibids. :confused: Not sure how that happened?? Definitely not my doing. I’ll see if I can remove it. Is steinberg looking for extra income or something? :laughing:

Ok, now its mysteriously gone? Am I going crazy or what? Too much eggnog! :blush: :laughing:

Happiness and Joy to all!

Try not to eat too much…oops too late! :frowning:

Thanks Vaughn!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You and Yours!

Best Wishes,

Shush. My wife won’t stop telling everyone that come February she’s gonna get pregnant again.

I keep responding, “whose kid will it be?” :laughing:

BURP!!! :blush:

Yeah, I’m jealous. Its great to see the kids get excited though.

Nice to see all you guys are still around here. I’ll have to pop in more often. What happened to Zapaxe and is he still using cubase vst5? :wink:

Best wishes to all… its never too late. :sunglasses:

I’m having a 4-hour duo practice this afternoon for our New Year’s Eve gig. Out for beers and currys tomorrow. First week of January start ramping up on teaching guitar to my students - 15 and counting at the moment! Life can’t get much better right now! :sunglasses:

2013 is gonna be a brilliant year for everyone! Have fun and Rok ‘n’ Roll!


Happy Birthday Rok!!!


Ahh yes - I almost forgot it was Neil’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Rok! :sunglasses:

Yeah, happy birthday, Neil! :smiley:

:smiley: Thanks guys!