Messa di vocce in 3.5

I recently discovered that the shortcut for Messa di vocce doesn’t work anymore in 3.5. Due to a discussion on the FB-page it seems to work for some and for some not. I guess this has to do with the different keyboard layouts.
It doesn’t work for me on my Swedish keyboard on neither my PC nor my Mac.

I’m not sure whether you were still following the Facebook thread when I pointed out that there’s definitely been a change to the factory shortcuts, at least in the English keycommands file.

Alt-Shift-. has been replaced by Alt-<
Alt-Shift-, has been replaced by Alt->

On English layouts, there’s no change - Shift-. is what you type if you want the < character and Shift-, is what you type if you want the > character. I realise that’s not the case for non-English keyboard layouts.

On the assumption you’re using the English keycommands set (or are running Dorico in English with the “Default” keycommands set), do Alt/Opt-< and Alt/Opt-> work for you in 3.5?

Yes, I read your comment, and it seems that this is a localization problem, or? I’m using the English version with a Swedish keyboard.

Anyway, the regular cresc./dim. works as before but messa di vocce (alt-shift-<) doesn’t work anymore.

I’ve actually got those shortcuts completely the wrong way round. Alt-Shift-. and Alt-Shift-, are the new factory shortcuts. Sorry - this is the problem of comparing two files with the same filename.

Do Alt-Shift-. and Alt-Shift-, work for messa di voce? I think I’d expect the second one to work, but not the first…

Hahaha, I read your post like 10 times and couldn’t for my life understand the difference between Alt-Shift and Alt-Shift… Then I saw that tiny little comma… :laughing:

Works like a charm!

Thanks Leo, genius as always! :smiley: