Messa di voce >< and velocity

Hi to all.
It seems that messa di voce >< produces key velocities cresc. ->dim. as regular messa di voce <>, and not dim.-> cresc. as it would be expected.

Welcome to the forum, Alessandro. I’m afraid I’m not sure I follow what you’re saying. Could you post a small project that demonstrates the problem you’re experiencing?

Hi Daniel,
sorry I don’t know how to attach a dorico project here so I attached two pics, one for the write mode and the other about the play one.
As you can see, in write mode I use first the messa di voce <> and then the messa di voce ><. The dynamic lane in play mode mirrors the dynamic in the correct way (first crescendo|diminuendo and then diminuendo|crescendo) but the MIDI note velocity editor, and the playback result, are always crescendo|diminuendo: as if Dorico interpreted the two notations (<> and ><) in the same way.
And many congratulations for your work. After 20 years of my professional experience with Finale and ten with Sibelius, I can say that Dorico is becoming the optimal tool not only for copyists but mainly for composers.

I think this is the humanisation effect you’re seeing: try increasing the intensity of the middle of each of the messa di voce, and then set the option for the humanisation of dynamics to 0% on the Dynamics page of Playback Options, and you’ll see that the profile of the veocities do actually follow the profile of the gradual dynamics.

But if I don’t use messa di voce notation but diminuendo and crescendo notations, everything works as it should without changing any humanization options. See bars 5/6 of my example.

I’ll ask Paul to take a look at this next week, but I don’t think there is anything too untoward going on here. Individual crescendo and diminuendo hairpins are processed in a different way than messa di voce indications, which have a different and slightly more limited meaning.