Messa di voce keyboard shortcut


I was watching the video seminar from 17th of January where Daniel mentioned and demonstrated that you can create a messa di voce by pressing “Alt, Shift, More than”.

Is this a Mac only thing?
I can’t get it to work on Windows PC, English (UK) keyboard.

I think you missed something. The first step is not Alt, but simply < (smaller than). Writing <> in the dynamics popover will engrave a messa di voce (actally a cresc. decresc. — I think the messa di voce is shorter hairpins)
[edit] There indeed is a shortcut : alt + < inputs a messa di voce on a selected note. Thanks for your post, I did not know that !

On Win I couldn’t make it work either, when involving shift. If I change the kb layout to my native language (NO) the < is to the left of the z key, and when pressing alt-< then it works… (on selected notes, not in the popover)