Message and crash "license for REV-X is going to delete"

Hello everybody,

the project that runs well with the update 8.0.20 last week, today brings me the following error message:

eLicenser Control message window (after the project has been loaded)
“License for REV-X will expire soon - 2 hours 54 minutes”

The window can not click away and Cubase is frozen that I need the Task Manager to kill it.

Another project can I load without problems.

I have had already undergone maintenance on eLicenser and no idea how I can fix the problem.


it looks like you didn’t activate the Basic FX Suite license coming with the UR44.
The DSP version of the plug-in works regardless, but the VST version needs a license (you should find an activation code on the ‘Essential License Information’ paper in the package).

Kind regards,

Thank you for your support. That was the problem.
Now it’s all ok.

But, how is the way, if i want to sell the UR44 to another, that he can use the UR44 completely?

In case you sell the Ur44, you need to de-register the unit from your account.
As for the license, we have the Resale Wizard here:

In short, you would need to move the license(s) to a USB-eLicenser and include it in the package.