Message: More preload memory requested than the max...

I get this message from time to time:

More preload memory requested than the maximum of 1200MB. Some samples are not preloaded into memory and, therefore, cannot be played! Increase the preload limit or reduce the preload time to load samples

I also notice that sometimes I am browsing grooves, and I’ve received messages that I have loaded too many. I’m wondering if there is something wrong with the way I am browsing grooves. I choose “load patterns and kits”, find grooves listed that sound correct, double click them, they load, then I play some of the patterns. If I don’t like them, I go find another groove and double-click (load).

My question is, are all of these kits getting cumulatively loaded into memory? When I browse 5 kits/patterns (using the method I describe above), am I loading all of these kits into memory, and saving that with the file?

I would think I could sit there all day and browse different kits/patterns, but the fact that I sometimes run into an issue after I have browsed 10 kits/patterns makes me wonder if I am causing memory problems by the way I am browsing. Anyone?

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