Message soft elicenser when start Cubas

I got a message when start Cubase: :confused:
Soft elicnser doesn´t have enough permission to run propertly.
Please run LCC to fix this problem.

So when I run LCC Maintance:
Step 6 failed :persevere:
Thjs soft e-licenser stored on this computer seems to be altered in an uncoverable way.
Please contact your Software Vendor to solve this Issue.
(A Red picture of Harddisk turns up and said its deacivated).

When I do the same thing but with admin mode the window is blank.

I had this HD-picture for many years but it haven´t been no problem,
and even now Cubase pro with Usb works fine,
but a bit irritation this message comes up every time.

I guess it has something to do with that I started with Cubase Elements for many years ago.


Run eLCC as administrator and Trigger Maintenance. Quit eLCC, start it again, now it should be OK.

Thanks for fast reply !

Yes it worked :smiley: