Messages program change no longer triggers espression maps

Hello everybody
I have a problem that I haven’t been able to solve.
Having had a lot of bugs after installing Cubase 13 pro and which started to appear on Cubase 12
I decided to do a complete installation of my Windows 11 and all my software.
I kept my template models with all instrument tracks disabled and the corresponding keyswitches for tracks with multiple articulation
I can trigger my expression maps from the keyboard editor but I cannot use the keys on my Sherlock plugin on the articulations page while all the other pages work

Keyswitches page

Keyswitches page with program numbers

As you can see I use message program changes

I think it doesn’t come from my Plugin since all the other pages work
and there are a total of 13 configured

I see that in the LoopMIDI window
when I play the keyboard the data goes through the SHERLOCK-OUT
but when I press the keys of my Plugin data is also transmitted in the SHERLOCK-IN so it works


and I reconfigured everything as usual

The Templates at first glance do not retain the configuration settings of the expression maps
because it was on Keyswitches after the new installation
So I modified it to put it back on Messages Program Change

Solution with midi in