Messing with a little Infected Mushroom style.

My partner and I are really big fans of the Infected Mushroom duo. We like their crazy effects and groovy leads so we thought we would give it a try and make something along their lines.
Let us know what you think!

I can definitely see resemblance to infected mushrooms straight away!(especially in the 2nd part). Although it doesn’t immediately sound like psytrance it has some of it’s best bits in it. Very impressive track in my opinion. I would be interested to see what you’re going to release next.

All the best


Really nice sound design, particularly at the 1:50 mark and beyond. Well done builds and variation!

And the mix is beautiful too.

@ pharmacist:
Thanks for the comments man, I’m happy you can see the resemblance and you like them. We have a couple of similar projects on the works, so definitely keep in touch if you want to check em out.

@ SLD:
It was a cool little project to work on since the genre gives so much leeway to experiment with crazy sounds. All the leads with the crazy modulations were done with Retrologue too btw (something that might interest some of the users of this forum).

I always love to hear the details of how things were made. Thanks for the info!

I am really liking this… borderline trance/electro methinks. Very polished, I can’t notice any outstanding mix issues. The only thing that could be a problem is its repetitive nature. You keep it interesting so it isn’t much of an issue, however I didn’t notice any other chord-progs. and the melody was unchanging. Besides that - I enjoyed it and am very jealous of whatever you used for those trance-gates :smiley:

you’re almost there…mix is great and you’ve got a good grove going…i’d recommend a screaming lead on the second part to really finish it off (just my opinion)


@ ethansight:
Thanks dude, awesome that you like it. I agree, the riff is very repetitive but we left it that way to keep it “trancy” and rather attempted to modulate it in other ways, like the gates and the crazy effects.

The gates are actually not very complicated. We are using a Fab-filter gate controlled by midi, so we just wrote the “groove” that we wanted. The cool trick was modulating Retrologue behind the gate.

@ ferenz:
Thats actually not a bad idea, I’ll try jamming some stuff out in that last part.

Really good mix and interesting sounds and that gate is doing its job! As mentioned before I think it can be developed further to avoid the repetition of the same chords over and over, but the idea is there! Michael.

Some really good sounds and the vibe is cool. But like Michael, I too think it really needs another section, just an A and B to switch between would be great and not even a big change, just a subtle chord variation. I think then it’d make the main section sound even better when it kicks back into it. I’d like to learn how to work with electronic sounds like this someday. Good stuff, well done.

An excellent trance instrumental…shows a mastery of your gear, really commercial sound but pity it’s just a repetitive riff all through but I suppose that’s what this genre does.if you took it somewhere you’d have a world class trance instrumental…I really wish I could get to grips with the software stuff like this…well done again, Kevin

Thanks for all the comments and the feedback, we really appreciate it. We are still experimenting with our arrangement and chord changes, since we are not very savvy with the whole theory behind them. We mostly do stuff by ear but we are definitely working on it to make our songs a little more interesting in that department.

@Jonathan: Thanks man, and very glad you liked it. You are so good at composition and arrangement, those epic songs you make are a real treat to listen to. We hope we can incorporate some of those epic strings into our music in the future :smiley:

@shadowfax: thanks for listening Kevin, it takes some time to learn but its really fun playing with all the crazy sounds and effects some of these synths can make!

Well, I am listening and I have a smile on my face. :slight_smile:
Really good sounds, wild yet controlled and interesting sound developments.
Theory is something that is very useful to learn but keep listening to music with great harmonic content and the more interesting chord changes will eventually come up into your imagination. You are a musician so it will work out like that.