Messy midi playback

When sendind midi from a midi clip to my Korg M1 synth it feeds back wrong notes. It plays wrong pitches and adds tremolo-like notes (fast repetition of notes).

I use Cubase Elements. A midi track sends midi to my soundcard that sends midi to the synth that feeds back audio onto an audio track in Cubase.

When I send midi to the synth (via Cubase) by playing live from a midi controller everything sounds correct. The problem only happens when the synth gets midi from a midi clip.

Can anyone help me fix this, please?

Btw, the same use case works fine with my drum machine Alesis Sr-16.

Thank you in advance!

Add MIDI Monitor MIDI Insert effect to observe, what does Cubase sent out. If this is what you would expect, then the issue is not on Cubase side but in your hardware.

Thank you for the suggestion!

Will do that.

There’s no Midi Monitor plugin in Cubase Elements.

Btw, my synth plays correctly when receiving midi from other DAWs (Live, REAPER and FL Studio).

I see, there are no MIDI Inserts in Cubase Elements.

Make sure, you are not using your hardware as any Remote Device in Cubase, please.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode?

Fixed the problem by deleting the preferences. Thank you very much, Martin!

There’s one other issue:

When sending midi out to the synth by playing live from a midi controller everything sounds in time with no noticeable latency. The same is not true when sending midi to the synth from a midi clip - it sounds and it records offset.

Is there some switch for latency compensation?

EDIT: Sorry to bother! I found the Delay fader in the Track Inspector. Still find it funny that there’s no latency while playing live.

I’m glad it works too you.