Meta-Data not saved in WAV after render


When I add all the information in the Meta-Data dialog tab, in the ID3 v2 tab, and than render the file, the meta-data I entered is not saved in the resulting WAV file.
When I import the WAV file in iTunes, all metadata fields are empty.

I am using WL 8.5.10 64bit.

Any ideas what’s going wrong?

Thank you!

You need to specify in the audio file format dialog, that you want the meta-data.

If I render WAV files from a montage using the “inherit from source file” option, will artwork and all applicable metadata be embedded in the WAV if the correct preset is set in the montage metadata section?

I just now realized that I can again choose my metadata preset in the render dialogue box in the same menu as “Don’t Save Anything” and “Specific To This Configuration”, but I’m not sure if that’s the same results as choosing “inherit from source file” and having a preset loaded in the metadata tab in the montage.

When I load my WAV files into iTunes, I never see artist or album data, only the file name and some info about the file type.

I have a preset that can fully tag mp3/AAC files and it seem to tag WAV files so Mac Finder sees the artist,but is there a way to tag a WAV file so that iTunes can see the album and artist name? The way I do it now, the Mac Finder can see the artist name but not iTunes or Fidelia (another OSX music player).

I’ve done some testing with a few settings and WAV file results are always the same. Mac Finder sees the Artist name but iTunes does not for WAV files, only mp3/AAC.

iTunes can’t read WAV ID3. Maybe someday they’ll enable it, but I wouldn’t necessarily count on it.
Some programs I’ve found that can read wav ID3:

Kid3 (Mac and Win)
Clementine (Mac and Win)
JRiver (Mac and Win)
Audacity (Mac and Win)
Metadata Touch
Tag & Rename

One solution in Wavelab might be to add ID3 to AIFF in Wavelab, if that becomes an option. iTunes can deal with ID3 in that. And any tagging in ALAC when available in Wavelab. But iTunes can’t read Flac at all.

So how can we check if WaveLab has correctly written the entered metadata? Which other application is able to read and display WAV metadata if iTunes can’t?
I need to upload a few WAV files, including the metadata (artist, song name, ISRC, picture…) to CDBaby and a few other online providers.
Many thanks for sharing your ideas.

Can CD Baby work with that embedded metadata in the WAV files or does it still need to be manually entered for each song?

Even though I tag my WAV files as fully as possible, I always assumed that CD Baby and Tunecore would work with the info submitted on their webpage rather than what’s in the files.

I agree with Jperkinski. AFAIK none of the aggregators, record labels, or retailers needs or can directly use any of your Wav metadata yet. They do the metadata themselves from label copy or information you enter manually in the submission process.

But if you’d like to see how your Wav metadata appears in another program anyway, I’d suggest Kid3, or any of the other programs I mentioned earlier. But it’s not necessarily how the metadata will appear in online MP3 and AAC. The aggregators, record labels, and retailers do that from data obtained separately.

EDIT: But check with CD Baby and your other online providers. Maybe things have changed with some. I think WAV ID3 metadata will eventually be translated for production, but ID3 in Wav is only a couple of years old, and there are still many programs (like iTunes) that can’t read it. I think the providers would need to test and implement their own systems to directly make use of your metadata for translation, and afaik it’s not in general use anywhere yet.

If I export a .wav or a .mp3 in Cubase 7 or 7.5 and it lands on my desktop, I can click on it and press space bar to preview it but only through the internal speakers of my iMac. If I have my Steinberg MR 816x still selected it will play but I can’t hear any audio. This is probably a really obvious thing but I’m missing it. Any help out there please.
Andy Neal