Meta Normalize behavior

For radio shows that I am compiling/producing I often utilize the meta-normalize function on Montages to get all of the music tracks in the same general ballpark, but I’m finding really have to watch it - the settings I typically use are:

  1. Equalize Clip Volume (checked)
  2. Equalize Loudness (Global)
  3. Normalize Master Section Input (-1.0 dB)
  4. Do not Normalize Master Section Output
  5. Only Selected Clips

I’ve noticed that sometimes all of the selected clips will jump to extreme volumes (and the waveform display completely fills the clips). If I undo the metanormalize, and simply re-run it with the identical settings, the results change to the expected results (i.e. volumes below clipping rather than well into clipping levels). I’ve sometimes had to undo and re-run this process more than once to get it to work, but usually once is enough.

I’ve also seen the other non-selected clips be adjusted. I have an intro to each show in my template that I don’t usually include in the normalization (it is not selected) , but post metanormalization, the clip was given a +55 dB boost !?1?! Another time I kept my settings the same, but selected only one clip - Metanormalize changed all other clips to incredibly low levels.

I’ve learned to trust, but verify this function. Anyone else seen any dodgy behavior?