Meta-Normalize on super clips does not change the "child" clips

I am experiencing what I think is strange behavior. I created a super clip of three different audio clips. I then created a second super clip with three different audio clips. I have both those super clips in the same montage. I then did meta-normalize on the super clips to match their loudness. Now I am wanting to export the individual “child” clips of those super clips with the new loudness. However when I push “e” to see the original clips, they have reverted back to their old loudness.

How do I export the individual clips with the new loudness? Thanks!

It sounds like normal behavior to me, the Meta Normalizer acting on the groups, the Super Clips, not the individual clips directly.

I think the best you can do is manually change the gain of the individual clips by the amount the Meta Normalizer changed the Super Clip they were in. Or set the Track or Montage Output to that particular gain change when rendering the clips, if you don’t want to change the individual clip gains. I don’t think there’s an easier way.

There seem to be a lot of related posts to this lately, probably due to the rise in popularity of stem delivery and stem mastering.

Though it might already be possible in some roundabout way, I think it would be nice for WaveLab to allow for meta-groups so that one file is considered the group leader, the main mix in most cases, and then all the stems are changed by the same value as the group leader after meta-normalizion in the montage.

This needs to work when clips are aligned horizontally on tracks AND when stacked vertically on their own track.

Yes, the related posts have to do with people telling me to use this technique-only for me to find out now that despite the advice people have given here, that Wavelab isn’t able to actually do this. :cry:

Also, while I admit to being not that familiar with SuperClips, I would prefer that the clip gain is simply changed and visible rather than some new Super Clip be made.

Basically, the same way we use the Meta-Normalizer now, just a way to normalize the main version and have all related version change by the same amount, before any FX inserts in the montage, and not a new or temp file, just a change to the clip gain. Simple.

It sounds like we are sort of asking for the same thing. The Super Clip concept makes sense to me, personally-and I like the idea. It is cool that I can make individual tweaks to the “child clips” (sorry-I don’t know if there is a more official name for them) and they instantly reflect in the super clip. That makes sense from the standpoint of mastering from stems. And pushing “e” is a quick way to dive down through the hierarchy. I’m just surprised that the changes are not bi-directions-IE changes to the super clip are not reflected in the children. That would be nice for those of us that still need to be able to work with the stems. In any case, it is what it is, and I’m happy to be learning Wavelab. I’m also really like that I can go directly from Cubase into Wavelab.

Agree that would probably be the best way. You could use Meta Normalizer on the super clips in ‘test only’ mode and then manually apply the resulting gain changes to each group of stems (if required you could apply gain changes to each group of files directly as a batch process).

Yep, this or something similar would make things easier.