Metadata-Add Musician credit list

IDCv2.4 allows for a TMCL musician credit list. I don’t see this variable in the ID3v2 tab of the metadata editor. Is it possible to add data fields?

On a related note, I would find it easiest to compose my data in ID3v1. Can I import ID3v1 fields into the ID3v2 data?

Currently TMCL is not supported. Maybe in a future version.

No. Or using some advanced feature when fields are represented by variable, which are replaced when rendering audio.


Try with Tag Editor, Kid3, MP3tag e.t.c

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I am genuinely interested in what can read or display that musician data/TMCL embedded in a wav file …


That is a good question, I thought BWF Meta Edit maybe can do this!?
or maybe it’s a question for AES-EBU!?

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I suspect not much in common usage reads or displays it, which is why I asked as I’m always trying to keep up with this stuff.

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This will be added in the next WaveLab update.


After a few days of research, and editing tags on three different tag editors plus Wavelab, my aching head is really getting tired. The frustrating thing is that this really looks like a publishing problem that is being dumped on the mastering guy’s desk because nobody on the business side wants to keep up with it.

Most frustrating of all is that despite the updates in protocols not all tags are supported or displayed on all platforms… And then there’s the 800 lb gorilla in the room: iTunes. I’ve tried adding musician names in the band/orchestra field, which translates to other metadata readers just fine-- but iTunes displays it in the “Album Artist”. Publisher tag works fine in iTunes, publisher’s web site address does not, and so on. The work around seems to be combining data into fields where it makes sense, and then commenting the rest.

And still… somehow my client is convinced that unless the publishing split between the song writers shows up in the metadata, she’s not going to get the spins on radio and movies. Its been a long day clicking with no money and no music in the work.

There is, unfortunately no universal standard for audio metadata, hence all the mess you describe. Maybe some others could share here what are the most “reliable” tags they use.

perhaps you are not aware than upon uploading files to a digital provider, all metadata added to the files are usually erased and the person uploading has to do this all over again manually?

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Correct See this confirmation as an example:

This is why you need to manually enter the metadata when uploading.

I haven’t used or seen iTunes Producer for quite a while but I suspect it will still not read metadata.

In fact, there is at least one large distributors that will more likely than not ‘bounce’ your wav file if it contains any metadata. One of those is owned by Sony.

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Ok I stand corrected but isn’t there a difference between
Audio CD Master and MP3 a.k.a ID3 with Metadata ?

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A bit off topic but … If you mean a physical CD, yes there is a difference as for the CD the ISRC is carried in a subcode and the CD Text information in another subcode. There’s no provision for ID3 as such.

sorry for veeeery late reply here. Naturally, DDP metadata (for CD glassmastering) MUST be correct and onclude everything. Quite the opposite of digital masters.