Metadata export question

Hello. I have Cubase LE/AI Elements 9. I have a PC, Windows 10 Home.

About the metadata export question…Name, path, file type etc…are pretty easy to understand…but when you select the standard WAV as the file type, these are the metadata options I’m still struggling to understand; the insert broadcast wave chunk, don’t use wave extensible, and insert iXML.

       Insert wave chunk: They said it was time stamp and other stuff for it might sound like a stupid question, but I mean the video programs (that I would use to be able to put the music to videos to go on YouTube, etc) are still able to read and count the audio in real time with the video program, so what would do I need that for?  

  Don't use wave extensible:  It's for surround sound they I guess I select not to use if if I'm not doing surround sound right now, right?

      Insert iXML chunk:   This is probably the question that relates to me the most as the other one was for surround and video...but the said it adds extra metadata info or that it holds I don't know if I should include that in there or not or what reasons I would need to use it?

I know this is an involved question, and I understand I could export again later if I needed to work with any of these options, and also that it doesn’t really effect the music, and that I’m probably being anal and overthinking, but I still want to make sure I understand what I’m doing with exporting for the metadata as well. Thank guys