Metadata from WAV to FLAC?

I’m using WaveLab Elements 9.1 on Windows. I want to enter metadata in the WAV file and have it transfer to FLAC (and MP3) formats when I render. The idea (of course) is enter it once, have it associated with the original WAV, and then have it appear in various renders made for different purposes.

I have tried entering metadata in RIFF, ID3, and CART slots in the metadata editor. Then I save the WAV and render to FLAC. There has never been any metadata transferred. I read a previous thread about metadata in Cubase and Wavelab and looked at all the suggestions, but nothing there seems to help.

Am I missing something? Is this better in 9.5?


P.S. Yes, I have Inherit from Source FIle selected.

It’s better in 9.5 in that you can now create presets with crossmapping from the source file, but an automatic standard mapping using Inherit would be easier when going from wav to flac. Most conversion programs that support WAV ID3, like MediaHuman, Foobar, and XLD, do that automatically.

I think right now in 9.5 you’d have to make the FLAC metadata preset yourself to pass from the source wav file, so you can do it with the wav ID3, RIFF, and CART crossmapping to Vorbis (flac), but it’s not automatic, and the Inherit selection doesn’t do it.

In Elements, I don’t know.

I am not at all sure that, technically, an mp3 can inherit metadata from the wav file it was made from.

Thanks, Bob.

As you say, an automatic cross-mapping (for the most common fields, at least) would be a sensible feature. If various free software can manage it, it’s frustrating that it seems so difficult in WaveLab Elements.

Am I the only one who renders a file, then (at least sometimes) decides to go back for another whack? And then has to re-enter all the metadata in the re-rendered file? Ugh!

I looked in Elements 9.5 for metadata-conversion templates (presets) to edit, but I didn’t find them. There is the ability in the rendering file-format presets to set metadata for a specific conversion, but I have no idea what that is for. The title, artist, etc., of a track are not really functions of the format.

I keep feeling I must be missing something. If you wouldn’t mind saying where in WaveLab Pro you set up conversion templates, I’ll look again in Elements.


I don’t think you’re missing anything. I have Elements 9.1 and there’s no preset save on the FLAC metadata window. And there are no variables in the field pulldowns anywhere. Maybe this has changed in Elements 9.5, but if not, it might not be the tool for you to do this.

One thing you could do is render direct to FLAC, because it’s a whole other metadata window anyway, accessible when you set metadata specifically in the file format setup for FLAC. It’s not the window where you entered RIFF, ID3, CART. Or edit the FLAC metadata after you make the FLAC file.

The mapping feature mentioned by Bob is currently only available in WaveLab Pro 9.5.


Thanks for confirming it. Maybe in Elements 10? Pro is hard to justify for my noncommercial project.


P.s. So inherit from source works only when the file type doesn’t change?

Maybe in Elements 10?

Yes, maybe

So inherit from source works only when the file type doesn’t change?

More exactly: “when the meta-data is compatible between the source and the destination”.
For example, if the source is a wav with ID3v2, you can transfer this info to a mp3 file that you would render.


Yes, I understand – the simplest cases only at this point.