For some of us WaveLab is a tool that is not necessary in our work, however… the metadata features, is something I admire in WaveLab;

I consider metadata not only to provide certain information, but also to be a way to hide data for the © copyright protection of your own work, not officially, but it’s one more seal that would make an infringer think twice before commenting on the act among many other uses that can have the metadata.

I think Cubase should have this option too, or if not, Steinberg could sell or give away a tool that is specifically metadata and non-audio editing.

WaveLab elements is cheap

Well thats the point… to have EUR 99.99 software that you will use just for metadata and waste all the rest of features is no sense…

why not include this feature in Cubase?

I am still amazed that Cubase does not provide a tool for metadata and DDP images, PRO is supposed to include this!

Every PRO DAW I know includes this little tool, honestly it’s ridiculous to have to buy a DAW as expensive as Cubase just for this task.

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