Metadata issue with cyrillic characters

Just came across an issue with metadata, specifically for wav files. I’ve done a mastering for a Russian band and their titles are in cyrillic letters. I’ve been using Justin’s metadata preset for a while and it’s been working really well so far, but not in this case. For mp3 files it works with no problem, but for wav files the titles are all garbled:

Any way around this? I did warn the client that metadata might be an issue and already informed him that CD-TEXT would not be an option so no big surprises for anyone. But it would be great if the metadata can be sorted.

If you want unicode metadata, use ID3v2.
But not RIFF metadate, because the reader might not be compatible.

Thanks PG. I’ve tried removing the settings for RIFF (and CART) but the result is that no metadata is included. Justin’s preset has input for both ID3 v1 and v2 but neither gets included in my exports.

My older preset transfers CD-Text info to metadata, and my newer one takes the marker names and populates the metadata.

The reason for the change is that since CD-Text has a limited character set, I decided to make it so the CD Track Markers have the exact desired name (including special characters) while being able to keep the CD-Text titles simplified for CD-Text conformity.

I might have the older one then since all the fields seem to point to CD-Text. Any chance to get a link to your new preset?

Thanks! Seems to be the same that I had though, and the problem persists. Wav-files seem to only pull data from RIFF, once I remove that it doesn’t write any metadata at all. Am I missing something?

It’s hard to say more without being there or seeing some screen shots.

What software are you using to validate the metadata?

Hi Justin,
Sorry for not getting back sooner, had way too much on my hands. It seems basically to be a problem with Windows and the various players I’ve tried, not pulling the data, except for RIFF, and clearly they are not showing the RIFF data accurately.
I validated the meta data now in Wavelab and it shows up as it should. The very first section, labelled “INFO”, shows the song name and artist. I suspect this is what Windows and the players are reading, and having problems with the cyrillic at that. (No other data shows up when checking the file info in Windows, only song name and artist.)

I’m content with that meta data for wav files doesn’t really have a standard. The data is clearly there in the files, so I think I’ll just leave it at that.

Another meta data question while I have you: I have your settings loaded in my render presets, but I’ve also made it a habit to add it to the metadata for the montage. but what actually is the metadata for the montage, what does it do and how is it used? I guess it’s not necessary to do as I do if I have your preset in my render settings already?

In the montage, you’re not adding metadata directly to each file in the moment, you’re basically adding settings that tell WaveLab what info to embed in the mp3 and WAV files when you render them.

This area is pretty customizable and can use existing CD-Text info, marker names, ISRC codes, track number/track total, and other data from the montage and put it in the rendered files.

It’s a little different than directly adding it to each file as you would in a metadata editor.

The template I have gets the basic info translated from CD-Text, marker names, and other stuff so that when you render a file of each track, the metadata is populated on the resulting file(s).

Is that what you’re asking about? Does it make sense?

That makes perfect sense. It’s also what I think I tried at first when I used your preset, but I couldn’t get the metadata to be included in the renders if I didn’t also add the preset in the render settings. I tried this again now though and selected “inherit from source” instead and it does work, so I’ll change my presets accordingly.

I’ll also say, clearly, that it was a while back that I did what I described above and I may very well remember it all wrong.

Yes. I set all this up so long ago and minor things evolve here and there but if you also use my render preset, it will have any additional render settings needed for metadata to be present.

I also have it set up so when I make a new Audio Montage from my preferred new montage template, the basic metadata preset is already loaded so I don’t even have to go into that area. It’s just already loaded.