Metadata not from wav file when converting to aif file

I’m finishing masters and have filled in a few fields of Metadata. I used several different sample rates and bit depths. Each time I change these parameters, using the batch processor, everything in the Metadata fields follow.
Now I want to give the client aif versions of everything. When I convert from wav to aif, the metadata doesn’t follow. And the ‘edit’ button is not accessible to do it manually.
Interestingly though, I make mp3’s of all the files and again, the metadata follows just fine. Now when I create AAC (.m4a) files, the metadata is included.
Is this a problem with Wavelab or a case of Apple not wanting to play with Microsoft?
Any insights will be appreciated.


Have a look here…

suggestion use WAV and BWF for Metadata more common with most DAW’s

regards S-EH