Metadata Support


I’m new to Wavelab.
Is there a plan for support of iXML metadata (read and write) in a near future?


It’s been discussed on here in the past that the metadata support will be updated in the next version. However, it’s very unfortunate that the next update won’t be this year.

There are many great things about WL7, but I don’t think I can hold out any longer while I wait for the bad things to be fixed. Updates take way to long to happen seem to bring in just as many bugs as it gets rid of. It’s extremely annoying that after one update, my Ozone settings don’t restore with the master settings that were saved in very early versions of WL7. Something very weird happened with the plugin handling around the 7.2 update and nobody seems to take responsibility for it. The thing where WL has to show you each rendered WAV file is a major slow down for me when doing certain projects/workflow of rendering many short files and still hasn’t been addressed.

If WL8 isn’t quite ready, I’d love to see a WL 7.3 with some quick fixes for old issues and simple metadata support that grabs the metadata from the CD-Text info. We also need a way to pad the rendered file names with the track number without having to manually or semi-manually rename the track markers.

Otherwise, DSP Quattro 4 is looking like a more realistic option. I’ve requested some of these features to that developer and he seems very open to implementing them quickly.

I did the same thing and even send him examples of files embedded with different iXML metadatas some months ago. He seemed to be very interested but no news since …