Metagrid Confusion :-)

Hi all…new Cubase 10 Pro user (from Protools and Ableton)

Im going in at the deep end trying to set up METAGRID…which looks awesome.
Ive downloaded (at a small fee) the files from Jason Graves on his excellent Youtube pages

Im confused… :slight_smile:

once all files are in the correct cubase folders that I downloaded from Jason (picture attached) and imported to cubase as suggested, should I be SEEING his Metagrid setup on the iPad , or doesn’t it work like that?
Is it simply the macros etc I get from those files , which I then have to load one by one into Metagrid (which seems a pretty long job ! )
I just get the standard Metagrid Cubase pages when all is set up , and when I try to import a METAGRID User Macro into a button as it would seem I have to , they are just labelled Macro 001 002. etc…not entirely helpful …

sorry for the confused question, but this stuff isn’t made clear by Metagrid or Jason :slight_smile:
Thought someone here using Metagrid may know

this may be the first Cubase question of many- quite a learning curve, but it looks well worth it !
bizarrely my first sequencer was Pro 24 on the Atari St…Ive come full circle it seems :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

any help much appreciated

Bill P
Screenshot 2019-11-07 at 16.37.58.png