Metagrid now implementing Cubase Midi Remote

I’m glad to see this.

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But I’ll wait a bit, so dont go dumping the generic remotes just yet. There are often many bugs to be ironed out.

And yes, I’m told this works with both Metagrid and Metagrid Pro.


Although I bet I’m going to regret ‘customizing’ my Metagrid Generic Remote to the extent I did.

Seems like we could just leave the Generic Remotes in place but disconnect the MIDI to disable them as needed and jump back & forth between the two?

My 3rd Generic Remote, the ones where you do the customizing has around 175 commands. Will that be regretful? I mean are you thinking the only thing that will port over is the basic Cubase Key Commands?

You try it first. :grin:

See that’s where I went non-standard from the get go. Either the 3rd Generic Remote was added after I first got Metagrid or I didn’t notice it existed at the time. Anyway all my customization are in Generic Remote 2 and not 3. I’d be surprised if they migrated.

Help me out here. Isn’t the 2nd generic remote just a continuation of the 1st generic remote because maybe it ran out of lines after 1,010 commands?

Yes, if you modified the 2nd generic remote, then things must be very different than anyone else on your end? Somewhere I thought it said "do not mess with Generic Remotes 1 and 2?

Everything I ever customized is in Generic Remote 3 with a macro under the control name column, and command under the devise column.

How or if Generic remote 3 converts over I have no clue.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s the case. But in Generic Remote 2 a whole bunch of slots weren’t used. Eventually I realized my error but by then fixing it was more work than just continuing on.

Story of my life…

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