Metagrid viewsets


I started to use metagrid 1.5 since few days and I think is a great companion for Dorico. Even tough the view set they provide is quite simplistic and lacks a lot of important commands, it’s a good starting point for developing.
I still aim to find the easiest way to integrate specific scripts into button commands, but I managed to do it by adding new shortcuts in keycommands_en file. If anybody knows a easier shorter way, please let me know :slight_smile:

Here are some of my viewsets I use now, which involves extended dynamic inputs, violin techniques combined with fingerings and strings.
I don’t think all the buttons will work, since I have different key-commands shortcuts and playing techniques, so then I attached also the keycommands_en.json file I use now, so most of the shortcuts should work.
Back up you original file before you replace it with mine.
If you have differite views, different ideas post them here, so we can have a common database to work with.
THank you!

metagrid.rar (13 KB)

Thank you.

Edit. I find adding a pause 0.2sec between commands helps my Action scripts.