Metal e-licenser.

I would like to have a new e-licenser from metal. I already had 4 plastic elicensers and they all fall apart after some time of usage. Please, make new licenser key from aluminum like ilk did with it’s third version


I always recommend to use a tape to make it more robust. It works to me and to my customers. :wink: But I totally agree with you.

Gotta agree with Martin on this one. Couple of wraps of tape and you’re good to go. I’m still using a 10yr old one and a 5yr old one (for Nuendo) both taped up straight away, both still rockin’ on.

We shouldn’t have to put tape around it for it to be durable enough for normal use.

thing is, I just did that out of preventative measures. truth be told, I’ve only removed them 3 times to plug into new comps. but you’re not wrong, a sturdier one would be pretty great for many people.


I put mine on an extension cable and then the unit was placed into vented soap case for additional protection. It looks a bit odd, but I think the unit is at least better protected. I’d rather give up an expansion slot in the DAW computer than have the dongle.

How about carbon fiber?

My dongle didn’t last long before the plastic broke, admittedly it was because I use Cubase on a laptop and moving the laptop can end up with the dongle getting damaged ie. dongle in the back, tilt laptop up and crunch dongle knackered.

BUT, this is much preferable as a metal or more solid dongle would result in the USB connector getting broken off the motherboard requiring a much more expensive repair or even a new laptop being needed.

So in all honesty I would like to keep the existing plastic dongle over a more sturdy metal one, or how about an option for either.

The dongle is junk. Only usb device I have ever had that falls apart. Brushed aluminum would work great


That would be perfect. The e-licencer that a production cart could roll over and it would not break. Or a carbon fiber case?

Don’t tell anyone about this. It’s too good an idea. :wink:

All three that I’ve bought were cracked along the plastic housing around the aluminium usb plug.

That is, they were defective straight out of the packaging. They are cheaply made junk.

Still, they’ve been far more robustly operated than their nemesis, the iLok.

Well that solves that.I wont be upgrading to Artist then.
I work on laptop only.
A dongle is so primitive in this age of tech,surely Steinberg can come up with another solution.
Cheers Bazz

lol-I thought I was the only guy that had to have duct tape wrapped around my dongle to hold it together!

While I’ve read comments like this for 13 yrs, none of them are without merit. My original is bent 30 degrees, taped case and is ready for one last bump before it becomes trash. I did buy a spare 4-5 yrs ago and its waiting patiently, but an aluminum case if nothing else, would be fantastic !

Why is my mouse using a 1/4" USB receiver and the e-licenser is so long particularly with LSI and VLSI technology what it is today?


Ordered a spare a few months ago, seemed to be even smaller and flimsier that the (original) cheap plastic one.

\make it metal/ == see ignition key from Propellerhead !

In fact, at least PH allow you to authorize the COMPUTER (/and)/OR run from the ignitionKey (heck you can even run via web::services authorization too )