Metanormaliser crash WL11 Wl12

with regularity but not all the time i’ve got meta-normalizer crashing WL
it’s not often
it’s nearly all the time when track is on a reference track and it’s variable when it’s on a regular track.
here is the crash report.
is it a known issue?
Do i do something wrong?

Thanks for the report, it was useful.
The problem seems to happen because one of your tracks is monitoring an hardware input. Could it be the case?
Of course, this should not cause a crash. I will see if this can be solved before soon upcoming WaveLab 12.0.20.

hi @PG1
probably the case
I use ref track >to analog loop >to capture track same config as @Justin_Perkins .
What causes the less crashes is using metanormaliser (great feature by the way) on a normal track with monitoring off (I think it was of when it crashes)
what cause crashes nearly every time is using the meta normaliser on a ref track without ref blue ear monitoring on.
on ref track with monitoring on it crashes from time to time.
So now I always save before using metanormaliser.
Thanks a lot if it could be fixed on next rev.

I confirm this will be fixed for 12.0.20


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Hi @PG1
i’ve juste installed the 12.0.20 thanks for this update.
i haven’t seen mentionned Metanormaliszer in the update, but it seems fixed, does it?
it works on track with mon on.
works on reftrack with mon on.
and do not work on reference track with mon off.

Yes, it is fixed. The Update list is a “minimal list”. There are always more fixes than listed.

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THanks @PG1