meter change in 1 instrument

Is it possible yet to change meter for just one instrument? (E.g. most instruments in 6/8, but one in 2/4.) I thought I saw something about this but can’t find it. I have the latest upgrade.

I found this in the change log document for 1.0.2 update :

Note input
To create a time signature or key signature that applies only to the staff on which the caret is currently located, enter the time signature or key signature into the Shift+M or Shift+K popover as usual, and type Alt+Return (instead of Return alone) to confirm the item to be created.

With the caveat that the bars will not currently line up. Only quarter = quarter is available at the moment.

Right, Steve, which makes it useless for my purpose. I just have to do tuplets.

Only like the attached, which could be improved with more care.