meter display

Hello, When I start a new project, the output meter does not display unless I turn the direct monitor switch off. The input meters work fine as well as other projects. Any fix for this? Thanks

Using Direct hardware monitoring will send the signal to the output. The signal does not go through Cubase .
Any recorded track should still be showing.
Tip; if you setup one of the mixers to only show inputs, and add a shortcut to it. It is easy to just opening that mixer and adjusting your input levels.


Thanks, I’m going to try preferences/vst and make sure tape machine style is enabled, I had a problem before where the meters didn’t display in the inputs and switching to tape machine solved that problem.

Not tapemachine style.
„Direct monitoring - Map meters…“ something like that. Unlessyou are talking about „input monitoring“ in general (orange speaker button), not „direct monitoring“