Meter inserts

As I am sketching a new work, I’ve mapped out some time signatures as shown in the screenshot. The bar of 8/8 was inserted between 7/8 and 9/8. As you can see, Dorico did not adjust the rests. Therefore when I attempted to enter a whole note into that 8/8 bar, it spilled over into the next bar, and the only remedy was to delete the time signatures after the notes were entered in that general area and reset them.

What should I have done differently?

Turn on Insert mode before inserting the time signature. Alternatively, invoke the caret wherever you want to add or remove time and then type (for instance) Shift-B 1e Enter (to add an eighth/quaver to the bar) or Shift-B -1e (to remove an eighth/quaver from the measure).

Oh, very interesting. It didn’t occur to me that Insert mode also applies to popover actions. Thanks, Leo!