Meter levels and scales

I have a track I am currently routing via a group channel and then to the stereo out.

I am applying a limiter on the group track (it’s my effective ‘master’ channel).

The limiter has a ceiling of -0.4dBFS

On the group channel and stereo out channel meter peak numbers under the channel level meters, it does not go over -0.4dBFS

However, the channel level meters themselves go above 0dBFS - almost to +6dBFS

Yet the master meter peak max is -0.4dBFS

What is going on here?

The limiter is limiting to -0.4 dbfs which is why you’re getting that reading on the master and the group.

The limiter is post channel meter so you’re getting the pre-limited reading on the channels.

Channel - Channel Meter - Group (with limiter insert) - Group meter - Master - Master meter

I have my meter position on the channels set to post-fader (have been trying post-fader and post-pan) - should that not show the level after limiter processing on the cubase channel meter if the limiter is on one of the 1-6 pre-fader slots?

With the limiter on a 1-6 slot, I’m still seeing over 0dBFS on the cubase channel meter (though the number under the meter goes no higher than the -0.4dBFS set in the limiter ??

No it shouldn’t show the limited level on the channel meter because the channel meter is still before limiter.

Only the group meter is post limiter (and the master).

The post panner setting means the channel meter is accounting for the channel inserts, fader and panner position of that channel.

I’m missing something here… I’ve attached a screen shot.

I put the meter setting back to post-panner.

So the routing is:

audio track -> group channel -> stereo out

So you can see the audio channel meter level.

The limiter is on the group channel as an insert in a pre-fader slot. Limiter ceiling at -0.4dBFS

Yup that looks all good.

If you want the channel meter to show the limited meter reading then the limiter would have to be on the channel not the group.

This makes no sense to me… what am I missing???

If the limiter is on the audio or group channel set to -0.4dBFS, how can the stereo out meter be showing more than 0dBFS?

Oh I see - The control out meter is different.

The 0 is at the top of the meter where as you’ve got a +6db headroom on the channels.


I see what you’re saying - the graphic… and you’re on post panner? The control room meter looks correct.

Yes, global meter set to post-panner

I’ve uploaded another jpg showing the limiter as an insert on the actual audio track.

If you look at the peak numbers under each channel meter, they are as expected, -0.4dBFS - but the group and the stereo out channel meters are going well above 0dBFS

Yeah thats weird. Maybe try deleting pref file etc.

Tried deleting pref file, it made no difference to this issue, just reverted the colours back to cubase default.

I don’t understand what’s going on here ??

Have you tried with a limiter other than limitless?

If you begin the project again do you get the same problem?

Yes, does it with any limiter

The fader scale is not the level meter’s scale! The meters are slightly below 0 dB FS, just as the numerical reading says.