Meter Note Collision

I’ve tried searching the internet, and while there are several entries that sounds like the same thing, they’re…not.

I’ve inserted a meter change, and it’s just slammin’ on top of the notes. I can’t figure out what setting I need to change to fix horizontal spacing like this, and this certainly SEEMS like the sort of thing that would be handled by a preference…no? This appears in both scroll and page view.

Can you upload your project?

Here you go, it happens both times I have meter changes. Thank you for taking a look!

glitch.dorico (2.1 MB)

I think it is because you have your time signatures set to Show once per bracket and you don’t have your staves grouped in a bracket. Does that make sense?

But why would that change the horizontal collision situation? I’ll give it a look though, thank you!

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You’re asking the wrong Daniel