Metering Appearance does not work - Nuendo 11

Since N-11 changing the metering appearance doesnt work anymore. Every update I hope it does but still no green light there. The problem seems to have appeared since we can select different presets. Since my system is connected to a large analogue console switching my meters to K-12 or k-14 levels would work verey nice with the nominal gain settings on my console. It is not a big issue but it would be helpfull if this problem was solved. Anyone out there with the same issue or, even better, a solution?

Best, Björn.
Warning Studios - Amsterdam.

What you mean with this?
There is a settings page with just the meters… you can give them the colors you like…
The channel meters are not able to use K metering.

Hi Steffen,

Thanks for your reply. I’ll try to be clear…

Metering appearance is to be found in: Edit/Preferences/Metering/Appearance
What I mean is that changing to a default (or adding a self made appearance) and saving it does not work. I am able to change the appearrance into any preset ore user config I want but clicking at apply (or okay) does not change the way my meters look. This used to be working in N-10. It is fairly straight forwatd. There is not su much you can or cannot do… So I suggest that it is a bug but since it is never solved in any update I start to doubt a little. Still I can’t think of anything else but a bug. everything works like a charm and all other options in the preference menu as well as all color cheme options fully work.

I am running Nuendo proffesionally from off version 4…

all of this settings apply to the master meter first
only the setting for the “+3dB Digital” affects the channel meter

That’s very strange…
I can change the different views within the master fader itself. Since I work with 48 outputs I use the master fader only when mastering or when I mix stuff ‘in the box’. It was possible to change the view of the channel faders up unitll N-10. Even then…why would you want to change the view in preferences when you can simply change that inside the master fader itself? Up until N-10 the preferences allways changed all the channel faders. It makes perfect sense to be able to change this. particularly when working with lots off tracks preserving headroom or when your tracks are connected to analogue gear…

Since your welcome reply (all of this settings apply to the master meter first
(only the setting for the “+3dB Digital” affects the channel meter) I was able to change the meter view myself and safe it. I never guessed that this was only possible in the +3 digital… It still doesnt make much sense to me (happy though I am that I was at least able again to change te view). It would be very much appriciated if I could simply use the presets for all channel faders and I still don’t get why they are to be found in preferences, but okay…thanks anyway!

Same problem here!
I’m in demo mode evaluating N11.
Manual and tutorials describes it differently.
Best, Patrick

Hi Tonkultur,

Did you allready get around it? i.e. found the solution? Or would you still like a word of advice on this topic?

Best, Björn
Warning Studios - Amsterdam.