Metering in prefrences

I changed a lot of preferences inside Cubase 12 today. All the settings get stored just fine except the metering appearance - it always goes back to +3 Digital.

Is there a fix for this without trashing all my preferences and starting over?

I am on windows 11


Which preferences exactly did you change, please?

I have changed default colors for different types of tracks, I have changed editing tools, I have changed VST plugins and control room, and some more. They all save just fine for the next start of Cubase, metering appearance however is always back to +3 digital no matter what.

and just checked it on my 2nd computer (laptop) - I have the same issue there


This is not the place, where to set, which meter do you want to use. This is just the list of all meters, you have available in Cubase. +3dB is the default in the list. So in this preferences page, you just setup the colors.

To choose the meter, click to the Meter tab in the Right Zone of the Project/MixConsole window. Click to the “Digital Scale” (what is the default settings; the tooltip says: Switch between different Peak Program Meter Scale Standards) and select the meter, you want to use here.

thanks!! I have always set my metering in the preferences in earlier versions, but now I know where to do it next time :smiley: