Metering preferences?

I’m still puzzled by the preferences for meters. This has been the same in v11 for both Cubase & Nuendo. I’m guessing I’m missing something? Any advice appreciated. Preferences used to include manual setups for both track meters & master meters. Here we could set & save our own break points & colour schemes.

In the newer versions of Cubase & Nuendo, there are now are range of useful-looking presets for meters, eg: K14, K20 etc. However, there seems to be no way to have the DAW remember these settings & after ‘Apply’, the mixer meters still look the same as before.

Any clues as to what’s going on here? Thanks.

Only 3db is available for the mixer meters, and the others are for the various Control Room meters available.

The drop down in color prefs doesn’t select which meters to display, it simply allows you to config the different types of meters wherever they are in Cubendo.

That’s why it’s in the colors setup dialog

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