Metering when A/B-ing with reference track (WLP10 / Mac)

I loaded my most recent album tracks into WL Pro 10, with the final mixes lined up with a reference track with the mastered tracks. It was mastered by somebody I greatly admire, and I was planning to study what he did.

The mastered tracks are louder, but on the meters (Loudness or level) I see no difference when I switch between the primary and the reference tracks (which are the SAME, pre and post mastering). So I suspect that the metering is only on the primary track and not the reference track?

I don’t have any plugins loaded anywhere (yet), and no gain/envelope tweaks - nothing - so it can’t be that.

Can somebody clarify the metering of primary vs. reference tracks in the montage?


By default, the reference track is sent directly to the input of the audio device driver, so that the A/B latency to switch is null, for best A/B comparison. This means, the reference track meter analysis is skipped.

However, there is an alternative: select to send the reference track to the Master Section Playback Processing.
And activate the metering from that point. See following pictures.
The draw back is that there is now a small latency when doing A/B.