Meterplugs perception AB wavelab 11.1

I don’t believe perception AB has a vst3 version yet, and as such im having a very hard time getting it running in wavelab 11.1 (works fine in protools). when i first installed 11.1 i saw a message pop up about vst2 plugins and rosetta that i admittedly breezed past.

perception is an essential plugin for my work, is there any workaround?

mac is running 12.4 on an m1

I’m surprised that this plugin is not VST3 but I haven’t followed it too closely. You may be able to host the VST2 version in something like this:

Or this:

Excellent, thanks Justin

Yeah I’m surprised too. Their site says m1 silicon compatible, but in the installer there isnt a vst3 version. I’ve emailed them twice now with no response.

I’ll give it another couple days to hear back and then I’ll give one of your suggestions a shot. Thanks

I’m not sure if you’re part of the WaveLab Users Group on Facebook but Ian Shepherd posts in there occasionally and might be able to give you a direct answer.

Great, yes I’ve been for a bit, another amazing wl resource. ill post there now