Meters and White Noise

I saw the post “Laggy/sluggish meters in ALL Steinberg plugins”,And I think that situation is quite similar but slightly different.

If i add Instrument Track and than in the insert i add for example h-delay (waves) it’s bring some white noise as far as I raise the feedback and of course the meters going Up.

Another example,If I add camelcrusher (distortion plug) It adds me some click to the sound & white noise,and the meters going Up.

What is even more strange that I have cubase 5 also,And I tried to check there,it gives me the same problem.
Before I installed Cubase 8 it didn’t appear to me in Cubase 5.

(By the way, I have Ableton on the same computer,And there I don’t have that problem)

Please solution to the problem, I can’t work like this.

My System and Hardware:
Cubase Pro 8
Win 7 64 Bit

help please :cry: