Meters don't move...

Ok, using dual monitoring, I decided to show mixing console all the time on one monitor.

However, I do not have any movement in metering - althoiugh everything plays and I can effectively move faders up and down (and volume follows accordingly). But no meters movement.

What am I missing ?

I had this issue until I updated all my video drivers (nvidia). It still occurs for me after using Cubase all day but if I reboot, it goes away.

I’ve had this happen precisely once - then it all came good again.

There’s a few metering related issues reports (slow meters amongst others, see the issues forum). I’ve a sneaking suspicion there’s a bug lurking in the corner as I can’t find any reason why the meters would disappear. In my case they came back by themselves and I’ve never been able to repeat it.

Try searching the issues forum and/or perhaps wait for the next update if it isn’t a biggy for you.

Are you by any chance using the Loudness metering, and if so, is it turned on (leftmost button)?

Can’t see this button…

Yep ! Just rebooted and it finally appeared :slight_smile:

Thought only Windows required rebooting when installing new software… First time I experience this under Mac OSX … :bulb:

Thanks very much

I have the loudness meter on and from time to time all the meters jump and skip until I reboot the computer. I don’t like to shut off the computer everyday but now I’m force to reboot every other day or so.

I upgraded to the latest Nvidia drivers and still no joy, thinking about going back to the March 2014 ones that I heard were very stable with Cubase (so I post on this forum about it).

Restarting my whole computer worked for me.

After the restart everything was back to how it normally acts!