Meters don't read recorded materials no audio output

Please someone help. I have done all I can think to do and cannot get my decibel meters to register anything - they will not read the recorded audio. I can even import an MP3 and it behaves as if there is nothing there to play. Very frustrating. It’s not a vat connection or device setup issue as all my settings are correct and the computer plays perfectly any audio outside Cubase. I can’t figure it out but my time meter runs as if it were playing and it runs over recorded material but the meters will not light up on any channel including the stereo out. Please help.

You have to give some info.

O/S? Version? Interface?

And though you might think your settings are correct, unless you tell us what they are that would have to be the chief suspect :wink:
So device setup…what driver is selected. What buffer settings? What are your vst connections output settings and what’s your track routing?
Also what track settings are you using…please tell me your monitor button isn’t engaged??

Windows 7 Cubase 8. Presonus audiobox selected in devices - 44.1khz and 16 or 24 bit. The vsts are set correctly it’s hard to mess up such a simple device. Inputs to inputs 1&2 and outputs to outputs 1&2. I wish I could be more helpful but that is literally all the info I have - none of the information that has been recorded will register on the meters - it’s not that everything plays fine and there is simply no sound but that after you hit play the transport meter runs but the tracks do not even fire - they don’t light up in any way. It’s as if it were playing tracks with no audio recorded into them - just black decibel meters. Have tried disabling control room and disconnecting any control surfaces to no effect. Buses either set to stereo out or a group track that is set to stereo out. It’s very very strange but definitely could be something boneheadedly simple that I am just overlooking. It would not matter if the vst connections or device setup were wrong the meters should still show that the material is being played in the sequencer that’s why this is befuddling to me. Though it should be registering audio at least visually it is not and I can play audio outside Cubase. I can literally listen to a song in windows media then import it into Cubase and when I try to play it the track doesn’t even show the meter firing and no audio either.

Stuff playing outside of Cubase uses WDM drivers not ASIO so this isn’t surprising that media player works.

Try a different driver in Cubase.