Meters in Master section


I must have done something wrong, but the meters in the master section don’t work anymore.
Does anybody has a clue what I did wrong ?


Oh my, there are soooo many possibilities, and there is soooo little information! But we like a challenge, so I’m guessing you’ve bypassed the master section – check the “power” switch just under the star to the left of the word “MASTERSECTION”, it should not be red, if it’s red, click it.

Yes, so many variables and so little info as MrSoundman suggested but if you have managed to bypass the Master Section, the meters won’t work. There are a number of ways to bypass the master section but I have attached two screen shots with the most common ways.

Are you playing and audio file, or audio montage when the meters do not work? Or Both?
Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 8.56.39 PM.png

Couple of times happened to me that meters didn’t work when I had other tabs in master section expanded (effects, playback processing…).

It seems they need to be a certain size ( height) in order to work. The problem went away after collapsing all tabs and the meter section was resized back to its original size

Yes, that did it for me.
Thank you misohoza !