Meters on mixer react slow

Hi forum,

I’m on Nuendo 5.5.2, MacPro quad 6gbRAM.
I suddenly notice that my meters on the mixer react very slow, a heavy visual delay.
For example the stereo bus (but it happens on every channel), if I put an analyze plugin (for example Waves stereo meter) on that channel the plugin meter reacts perfect and fast, but the mixers channel meter is slow. My metering is post-panner, changing that doesn’t make a difference.
Is it 5.5.2???
Please advice.


KlevR sounddesign

has it just started behaving this way? if so try moving your prefs folder to the desktop to force nuendo to rebuild them from scratch.

Nuendo meters have been slow for years, at least on Mac. It’s just a question of how slow.

It used to annoy me (I think it started with N2) but now I just ignore it. High cpu load makes them even slower. They typically lag by around 1/2 second on my system.

Hi guys, thanks for the quick reply. I’m sure it wasn’t that slow in 5.5.1, but I started noticing today (updated to 5.5.2 2 days ago…). It is not half a second, but it is very annoying. Still it is strange that a plugin meter is OK…
I will try to make new prefs. Keep u posted.


Can this be related to the meter setting to show input or output readings …and/or the chosen latency ?

Big K

i know that on our old g5s the metering was very sluggish but with the new 6 core macs it’s pretty much instantaneous.

david, half a second sounds serious. what plugins are you using?