Meters on recording without input monitor ON

Hi everyone, is it possible to have the meters on channels you dont have the input monitor ON but are rec enabled?
I use a physical external mixer do make the routing and monitoring with no latency. Sometimes gets weird in the middle of a lot of tracks to open the mixer and check the levels on the INPUT modules.
would be great to be able to have visual metering information even without the input monitor from Cubase is ON.

I think i found the solution, using the direct monitoring in studio setup while having the “Map input bus metering to the audio track” enabled as well in preferences!

Hello, in the configuration of the meters you can put input measurement. I think it’s right click on the Vumeter, meter settings, input.

Hi @Pablin_Drummer Thanks for you reply .
That’s related to where the meter is located, pre or post fader. In my case i wanted to be able to visualize the meters without sound coming from that channel.

Just look at the input meters on the mixer

Hi @mkok , thanks for you reply.
I think you haven’t read the all post. The solution was to use the direct monitoring in studio setup.

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