Meters seem slow

Hi guys,

My meters seem slow. They peak a few milliseconds after the event. Also the peaks seem weird. On a 808 drum kit the snare peaks high, but the kick drum hardly shows.

I was away from Cubase since Cubase 7. But I wasn’t happy with Ableton Live, so I wanted to return to Cubase. I installed Cubase 7 on Yosemite with the Yosemite installer. It worked for 80%. I decided to upgrade to Cubase Pro 8. Cubase 8 was not feeling right. Tabs were off, windows didn’t popup correctly. So I cleaned all configuration folders and rebooted. This helped. Everything is ok, except the meters.

Any idea’s?


Jalcide on here said there’s an issue with certain NVIDIA drivers and waves plugs which screws up frame rate in Cubase - does this apply to you?

You must be on Windows - Mac users have had to put up with slow meters ever since 2002…

I use a Mac, so no control what drivers U use.

I do have some Waves plugins. I have the API collection, but those are loaded. And it happens with an empty project too.

I recall having decent metering with my old setup. I used Cubase 6 at the time.