I bought SL6 recently and, while I can’t say it has been an entirely positive experience thus far, I see lots of potential and I’m sure the devs are hard at work addressing the issues. That being said, my main issue is that there are no meters in the software. Considering that a key function of this program is to duplicate and mix audio info I feel like we REALLY need to see what is happening in order to prevent clipping when the file is rendered down to 16-24 bits. Bonus points for adding Loudness normalization since without this I’m just going to have to end up loading the SL6 exports back into Reaper or iZotope to meet loudness targets.

Master meter (peak/rms)
Per-layer meters (peak/rms)

That’s all. Cool software!! Keep up the good work.

You can use SL in DAW trough ARA and then use DAW meters.
Also SL has some measuring tools: did You check them?

This was just a suggestion since most other audio tools have meters. I’m not really looking for a workaround. Thanks, though.